Workout through an exercise bike is undoubtedly an excellent way of maintaining fitness, losing weight, burning fat and getting fit. But most of the people fail to choose the best one that is suitable for them. The following guideline will definitely help you to buy the best exercise bike for your needs.

Factors for choosing your best exercise bike:

  1. Types
  2. Budget
  3. Resistance
  4. Workout options
  5. Warranty

1. Types:

There are two main types of exercise bikes on the market uprights and recumbent. First you should select which type of bike is best for you. Sometime people ask which one is better? But the truth is that both exercise bikes are really useful tools and selection is a matter of personal preference. Which one is better will depend on your situations.

Read the following benefits of each one to see which one is best for you.

a) Upright bikes: It looks like a regular road bicycle with a vertical orientation and handlebars out front. Your legs extend bellow your torso and your back is not supported.

b) Recumbent Bikes: It is more relaxed, supported sitting position like a chair.It has seat backs to support your back and instead of pedaling bellow, your legs extend in front of you.

Remember, no one type of bike is superior from the other. Which one is best depends on your need. If your preference is a bicycle or an exercise bike that can stimulate climbing up a hill, then upright bike is the best for you. However if your preference is comfort on your lower back position, than recumbent type is suitable for you."best exercise bike"

The following comparative discussion will help you select the best one for you:

  • Upright Exercise bikes, having the normal qualities of a traditional bike, offer an honest higher, and typically lower back elbow grease. It conjointly takes less area than non erect exercise bikes do. Non erect bikes square measure typically longer in breadth. Also, upright bikes have smaller and slimmer seats that regular bikers are a lot of familiar with. Most upright bikes are less expensive than recumbent ones.
  • Upright and recumbent models offer a constant level of labor out support; but, recumbent bikes, having a more well-off back support, are typically used for physical therapy. For those who have problems with balance or are suffering from wrist and back injuries, it’s suggested to use recumbent bikes. Except for those who love trains out-doors, it’d be preferred to select an upright bike giving them a similar road bike expertise
  • One of the most important benefits for recumbent bikes is that they’re easier to use than upright stationary bicycles considering that they need chair-like seats and many of its models feature handlebars next to the seat yet as before of it. It additionally provides higher back support, giving nice lower body exercise.
  • If your goal is to burn calories with anaerobic exercise, either of the two bicycles will assist you attain your goals. You’ll burn the maximum amount as 450 calories on each bicycle. Those who are suffering with joint, back or different health conditions would like a recumbent bike, whereas people who are inclined to out-door cycling would choose an upright exercise bicycle.

     2. Budget

The next factor you would like to choose on is your budget. How much are you willing to pay money for your exercise bike?

There are extremely three worth categories:

 1) Under $500

 2)  Between $500 – 1000

3)  $1000 +

Under 500: whereas there are some higher than average exercise bikes under $500, do not expect to induce a high quality machine for this price. If you do not plan on using your exercise cycle much or if you are on a budget, this could be a good price point for you. Examples of bikes are as follows: Schwinn, Stamina, Exerpeutic, Marcy etc.

Between $500 – $1000: in contrast to treadmills or elliptical trainers, you’ll be able to sometimes get a really solid, high quality exercise for your aim this class. Most exercise bikes during this class provide magnetic resistance and high grade consoles that offer you feedback on your exercise. You ought to also expect some inbuilt physical exercise programs, foot straps and rate monitors. Example of bikes is as follows: Sole, Schwinn, AFG,  Reebok etc.

$1000 +: These exercise bikes are either the cream of the crop for the advanced home gymnastic apparatus or their commercial grade for the gym or health club. Examples of bikes during this class include spinners and commercial bikes like- Champion, Keiser, Precor, Star etc.

Always keep in mind that with exercise bikes – normally – you get what you obtain therefore try and pay the most that you simply will and find a high quality machine that may last you.

3. Workout choices:

Most exercise bikes offer you data on speed, distance traveled, and time of the physical exercise. The more sophisticated you go, resistance level, heart rate and program mode.

You can additionally get exercise bikes with various reprogramming workouts and knowledge storage likewise as fit compatibility and Interactive Disc players.

It extremely depends on your personal preferences whether or not you select a bike with ten planned programs and an ultra high tech show or one with simply an easy display.

However, detain mind that normally, the upper priced bikes have a lot of refined choices and design with higher quality materials

4. Resistance options:

There are many different kinds of resistance you will find on your exercise bike

1)   Direct Tension – offers you a manual adjustment of resistance

2)   Air – resistance is provided by pedaling against the flow of a follower blade

3) Magnetic Resistance – this is often the foremost sophisticated kind of resistance permitting magnetic currents to make and track the resistance. It usually permits for a larger sort of exercise levels.

Magnetic resistance is usually viewed because the best choice since it tends to be quieter and provides a a lot of even fell once pedaling.

 5. Warranty:

Exercise Bikes go along with a range of warranties from 3 months to lifetime warranties on different parts of the bike. As an example, parts and labor are also covered for six months, electronics for one year and also the frame for a lifetime warranty. Remember  that a longer warranty is indicative of a better quality equipment.

It’s important to purchase wisely for any home fitness equipment especially exercise bike. Make sure that it’s something you’re comfortable with because you will use it on a regular basis. Considering the above mentioned factors into account before you go to purchase your exercise bike. Hope if you follow the facts, you will get the best exercise bike for you.